The beers

Crowlas Bitter – 4% ABV


4 thoughts on “The beers

  1. i owne a pub in parbold, lancashire. is there any way i can get hold of any potion number 9. it is realy good beer and i would love to sell it in my pub.

  2. Hey there team!

    My name is Carl and i’m running a small project for myself traveling the world, visiting breweries, tasting their beer and finding out information on all the different types of beers from around the world.

    My quest has taken me all over the world and it has become a great hobby.
    I’m currently in SE Asia and the beer here definitely goes down well!

    I’m emailing in regards to your brewery, and asking a few questions in hope that you can shed some light on your beer with me.

    Is it possible to visit your brewery and have a tour?
    How much beer does your brewery produce yearly?
    Which is your highest demanded beer you produce?
    And where is the best place to try the beer you produce?

    Look forward to hearing from you and tasting the beer you have on offer!


    1. Hi Carl,
      This is a small village brewpub where most of the beer is sold through the pub. It is possible to visit although the brewery is small and the tour would be very quick. The most popular beer is session golden ale Potion No 9 (4%).

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