Scilly Stout (7% ABV)

pzscillypcScilly Stout isn’t on in the Star all the time, and when it is you have to be quick. This is a warming, velvety, almost jet black, but with a faint autumnal red tinge, heavyweight of a stout with a list of ingredients longer than Lady Gaga’s backstage dressing room demands.

Malts include pale ale, crystal, black and amber varieties, even torrefied wheat barley which, because it’s malted at a high heat adds to the roasted taste, but also helps head retention. Hops? Yes, just one or two. Sovereign, Northdown, Fuggles, Cascade, Galena and Summit. I’m usually all for simplicity in brewing, but this shopping list creates a beer of incredible complexity with taste layers which change and develop as you work your way down the glass. Delicious.

A 7.4% version with port added makes an occasional appearance.

Darren Norbury ( (This text from Cornwall Today magazine, November 2013)


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